Sunday, August 3, 2008

A note about the tallies

At the beginning of every month I try to do an honest tally of all the junk in the basement so that i can track where I am at and what has changed. A good friend pointed out to me that some of my numbers seem to fluctuate and indeed, they do seem to do so. I just finished tallying for last month and to go by the numbers, the bags seems to be getting lighter.

While I try to be as vigilant as I can, perhaps my methodology may explain something. At the end of every month I take a bathroom scale down to the basement and weight myself. While this helps me keep down what i eat (or at least should), it does let me know where I'm at for the moment. Then I pick up each piece, one by one, weigh myself holding it, and then subtract my weight, giving me the final weight. While this is an inexact science, it's the best i have at the moment. Since the scale only goes by half pounds, I find myself changing the 2.5 pounds of plastic bags to 2 pounds this month. My guess is that with plastic bags being so light, I am actually around the 2.25 weight and depending on how I stood one month or where my weight was, I could be off by .5 lbs.

All of that said, this is merely a benchmark and not rocket science, so i think it's all good. At the end of the year I'll borrow a serious scale and see what the numbers are exactly, but until then, bare with me and thanks for keeping me on top of things!


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