Friday, October 24, 2008

OK, so I'm a geek

My buddy Augie just sent me this cool article from Wired magazine that explains how a photog from the magazine made the Tie Fighter you see on the left from 50 Starbucks coffee cups and a whole mess of plastic stirrers.  If he's anything like I was as a kid, there's probably about 8 tubes of modelling glue and a pound of human skin to boot....but I digress.

Now i'm hoping that he didn't use virgin cups (although i suspect he did), but keeping all things fair, I though i'd post it because, well, IT'S A TIE FIGHTER MADE OUT OF COFFEE CUPS!!!!!  How cool is that?

Again, I'm not supporting the whole coffee cup thing and we all need to stop using them (so we can make X-wings and Y wings and Millenium Falcons out of them....maybe even landspeeders....aaahhhhh....landspeeders).

So there you have it, yet another reason to stop using "disposable" coffee cups because let's face it, ya can't make one of these out of a steel thermos can ya?


1 comment:

Selene said...

But if you could make this out of steel thermoses (is that even the plural?), imagine how awesomely cooool that would look! :-)

Love your work, btw!