Sunday, October 5, 2008

Time Counter

So i found that cool counter over on the right (if you're looking at the webiste that is) at, of all places, a site that is for AA and helps people keep track of their sobriety. I hope it's not disrespectful to use it, but i figured it links to them and I'm giving them credit for it. I actually saw it on the Cleanbin blog so thanks for the tip off.

That said, I'm not great with math so here's my question. It says 278 days have passed yet I'm on Day 277 today according to my calculations. Is this one of those "the twenty first century doesn't start until 2001" kind of things or did I miss a day somehow?



Unknown said...

Did you count Leap Day?

Dave said...

Hah, just after I got your comment I looked and realized last week i doubled up on a number. My bad. The leap day (Feb?) wouldn't have made a difference because I have been counting up sequentially by days, but i hadn't thought of that.