Thursday, November 13, 2008

CBS Piece

Gotta love anything that has the dog, the rats, and the worms.



Gina Thompson said...

The Kansas comment is true... I live in Central PA and we can recycle virtually nothing. At least in regards to plastic... only wide mouth containers. So it's a bit frustrating.

chris said...

Right on dave!

Scott Mumford said...

Good job, Dave!

A visual tour like that makes it all look more "do-able".

And I have to give you a "mega-thanks" for turning me on to GreenDimes. Some days I (literally) have no mail at all!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed watching the clip with you, Biscuit, rats and the worms...

esther said...

gosh Dave, great, great show! the bottle milk though; overhere (france) you can only buy plastic bottles, reasonf for me to quit buying those. I found that buying milk in powedr form, tastes the same way...and I only have to buy a pack of (paper) powder, 1 pack, is worth three lithers of milk. No more backaches carrieng all the stuff and I get to make milk, whenever I need it!

way to go Dave!!!

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Spread the word. I love it. This is the point, right? You're not saving the world by sequestering your garbage.... but it makes a great poiont, and by undergoing a somewhat adventurous experiment you've demonstrated to yourself and to the rest of us that by changing your behaviors a little bit, you can have a huge impact on what waste you generate. Good work.

I undertook a little experiment (inspired by you) called 9-Hours-of-Trash, where I tried to go a whole day without putting a single darn thing in my garbage can at work (or anybody else's. It wasn't that I would ever be able to sustain that, but what happened was just having that goal for one single day made me think differently about by lunch purchase decision that day.... maybe a banana for dessert instead of a packaged candy bar (better for me too!).

I blogged about it at work, and eventually (quite recently) started a yard-waste composting program in the office where all the dirty paper napkins, lunch boxes, coffee filters, etc can go..... just by trying it. Again, it's just that it makes you think AT THE STORE and other places about what you buy.

Vote with your dollars! Keep up the good work.

Dave said...

God on ya and thanks Daverham. It's all about getting people to think differently. My hope is that come January, with the help of the new site and the newsletter, we'll b doing that ona n even larger scale!

Consume Less, Conserve More!!