Sunday, November 9, 2008

Day 313 - Sunday 11/9/08

Today's Haul:

  • 1 plastic pasta bag - recycle
  • 2 door flyers - recycle
  • 1 packet nasal saline rinse - garbage


Kelly said...

Hi Dave,
Is there a difference in door flyers in that you give one version to worms and the other to garbage? See your 11/9 and 11/8 posts for reference.

Dave said...

Hey Kelly,
The door flyers that I didn't give to the worms had a glossy color print going on. Most things are ok for the worms but some of the color glossy stuff can be harmful so I try to keep an eye on that. Generally it all gets put in a pile and goes in as "12 ozs paper" but I had this seperate and so noted it. Good eye though.