Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Better (and cooler) CD Packaging

I went to see a band called Poor Old Shine tonight and was totally blown away by them.  So much so that I wanted to support them by buying a CD.  

Now normally I would download their stuff and save the CD, but I was so impressed with their packaging that I decided it was a must have for the purposes of showing others.  

Instead of those hated plastic sleeves, or worse, the hard plastic shells that CDs come in, they had taken a single sheet of paper, printed up their info, and folded it ingeniously into this amazingly thrifty and exceptionally cool CD "case".  One piece of paper and not only did it limit the footprint of the CD, but it actually added to the overall value of my purchase as it's really quite beautiful and pops open and closed with ease, while still holding it's shape.  Totally cool and a major shout out to the band and whoever came up with this boffo idea.  Kudos my friends!

And for anyone interested, check these folks out.  They are stupendous!


Anonymous said...

I gotta say, i love origami. Anything that combines something I love with less environmental impact has a double thumbs up from me. :) Plus, it saves space compared to the clunky plastic CD cases.

Anonymous said...

I feel that this is a better way to package CDs as long as they can hold their shape and be protected from the environment.

Unknown said...

I think is was a great idea. I would love to get my CD's in cases like these.

Poor Old Shine said...

Hi Dave, thanks for writing about our packaging! We've added your article to our reviews page. If you're interested in seeing how the sleeves are made, here's a video of the process.

Hope to see you at a show sometime!