Saturday, January 12, 2008

A bit of silence I'm afraid

Due to a previously scheduled professional commitment, I don't think that I will have much (if any) time to post at all in the coming week. However, I will be keeping my usual log of trash and if I can I will post as the week progresses, but if not, will have a fair amount of typing( and picture snapping) to do to catch me up next weekend.

Thanks for your understanding and I'll try to be in touch this week if I can.



Anonymous said...

If I may ask, what is your profession? Will any work-related waste be included in your experiment?

Anonymous said...

What about dryer lint?
i have not seen it in your daily lists......

Dave said...

Profession wise I am a filmmaker and enviro-educator (I teach a class on renewable energy and sustainability to kids of all ages) and yes, any work-related waste will be taken into account if it is mine. That said, for what I tend to do, neither creates a tremendous amount.

As for the dryer lint, nice catch. I haven't listed any as we clean the trap occasionally and put it in a waste basket in the laundry room. When that gets somewhat full, we put them out in the yard for the birds as they love it for nests. But thanks for bringing it up as I keep looking for things I'm missing.

might I add...? said...

Thanks for the idea about the dryer lint for the birds. I never thought of them being able to use it for nests, but what a great idea. Probably warm and insulating!