Monday, January 7, 2008

Day 7 1/7/08

Light day today albeit with one unexpected addition. Also, I got around to opening mail and paying bills so it spiked today on the paper front.

Today's Haul:
5.5 ozs of mailings that are coated in some form or another - garbage pile

14 ozs of recyclable paper from mail - worms

1 small piece of dental floss (ya know for my dentist) - garbage pile

1 paper towel - worms

Approx 2 lbs of plaster covered wallpaper - garbage pile.

This was the unexpected addition. We have some weird plaster issues in a few parts of the house and try as I might I can't find the problem. I've had several experts in and nothing. Anyway, my wife was cleaning out the hall closet and she pointed out a little bubble near the middle. I poked at it expecting it to crack and ended up pulling this huge piece of wallpaper off that was covered in plaster and covering up some damage in the wall. The funny thing is my first thought was "oh &*%&^, I'm going to need to keep that in the basement" and my second thought was the damage I had done. Such is life.


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