Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cut Down On Your Bulb Waste and Go CFL

Most people think of CFLs as energy savers, which they are, but they also cut down on waste due to needing to replace them less often. I wrote up a piece on Achieving Sustainability that I thought some might find worthwhile.


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Anonymous said...

I agree that the usefulness of these bulbs is great, but at what cost? Did you read the warning on the side of the box....do not break it inside your house. It has TOXIC mercury vapor which can cause many types of cancers. Try dropping of of these in your local senate/ house of representives buildings and watch them evacuate the premises. Also they are made in CHINA which is not a big "Earth-Friendly" country to begin with. They are building Nuclear reactors to power the need for thier new manufacturing plants to supply US with all the new bulbs. Where is that "garbage" going? I say, good ol' fashioned candles at nighttime works just fine!