Thursday, January 3, 2008

Plastic Plastic Everywhere

On January 15th, my friend Anna will begin her trek across the Pacific to study the massive plastic garbage patch that is floating out there. I'll be posting updates as I think this ties directly into what I'm dealing with, packaging. Even if we do the "right thing" and put stuff in the blue bin, it can fall out of the truck, go to the curb, get washed to the sea, and end up floating out there with thousands of it's cousins.

Sad stuff.



Village Green said...

Have you visited Fake Plastic Fish blog? Beth measures her plastic output into the trash each week and is actively pursuing plastic reduction by mailing various companies about the plastic they use in making/packaging their products.

Good luck on your trash project. If you run out of room in your basement, you could always weigh it before sending it off.

Anonymous said...

When I go grocery shopping and I see someone bring and use their own bags, I always thank them. (I have for years been bringing my own canvas bags and the cashiers use to be always upset when I said "No plastic, I have my own bags!" Now it's more accepted.)

The other day, a young guy in his early 20s bought a box of frozen pizza. The cashier bagged it and I said: "You are not going to bag the box, are you? He could carry it to the register, I'm sure he can carry it home!"

The cashier took the box out of the plastic bag and asked the guy if he wanted it bagged. And he said, "Yes, plastic, please!" And gave me a dirty look.

What do you think of that?

Dave said...

Hey Enci,
Yeah, it's pretty amazing what people will do. One of my favorites is chunk pineapple that's been cut up and packed in plastic. The stuff comes in a great "package" and then you take it out and put it into an environmentally damaging package for the sake of convenience.

I do like the fact that you thank the people who are bringing their own bags though. Nice positive spin on it that i hadn't thought to do. Afterall they are helping you as much as they are helping themselves.