Sunday, March 30, 2008

Looks like I'm in Dutch With The Wife

So after reading a post by a fellow worm composter online the other day (yes, you can find anything out there if you look hard enough) I decided that it made sense to blend up the food scraps to give to the worms. It'll break down faster, they'll eat it faster, everyone wins right?

Now my wife was still at work so I figured I'd just grab her blender, pop in the leftovers I'd had for a day or so, and blend them up. It's just food right, albeit food no one wanted but what's the harm? It worked very well and I was just about to take the stuff downstairs to feed the boyz when the phone rang. My cousin was on the line and we got into a huge discussion about CO2 (oh it's a real party over here at all hours isn't it...worms, CO2...ooohhh what will they do next?).

Well I talked for quite a while and when my wife got home a little later than usual, I nodded to her that I'd be off the phone soon. Now I can't quite remember whether what was about to happen occurred to me first, or I heard the screams from the kitchen first, but either way, it all hit pretty fast. Ya know how they say your life flashes before you when you die, well, I think I sort of get what they are talking about.

She came into the living room holding this blender filled with nasty looking green stuff (half eaten blintz and melon rinds I believe) and screamed at me that i was getting her a new blender and I better not even think of touching the new one and the worms could do whatever they wanted with this one as it was theirs now anyway and a few other things that i won't go into right now.

So, I've got a devoted blender for the worms (the one we had is on its last leg anyway) and she's getting a new one (I was thinking of trying to talk her into getting a used one, but for the greater good, I may not go there this time). I guess I had that coming and while looking back I actually find it quite funny, I don't think she'll see it that way any time soon.

Guess I shouldn't tell her what i've been doing with the kids socks then....yeah...maybe not.



David Kopp said...
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David Kopp said...

Hahah! that was hilarious! But now you also have to add the new blender packaging to your stash! Talk about 'backfire'!

Dave said...

Yep, you'll see it down there soon I'm sure.


salsa said...

My favorite kind of appliance is neither new nor used-- it's refurbished! You get a practically new appliance that has been fixed (i.e., it's repairable) for a great price. Here's one listing, must be many more out there. Anyway, I hope you're out of the dog house by now...:o