Wednesday, May 28, 2008

16 Year old Student May Solve Some Plastic Problems

Here's a cool little story about a high school kid who just won a bunch of awards for isolating the microorganisms that break down plastic bags. The hope is that if done on a large scale, this can help clean up some of the mess that is out there.

While I think this kind of research is a double edged sword, we need to stop using plastic bags, not give people a reason to think it's all going to be ok, I like the idea of how this came about. Here's a kid who got sick of opening the closet door and having all those bags come out on top of him. So he decided to do something. It's why I have faith in the fact that we are going to fix this whole mess, kids are black and white, they are smarter than us, and they don't like being told that they can't do something.

And he's got a cool haircut to boot!

Thanks to Nick for sending this in.



Melissa said...

thanks for sharing this story. what's great about it is it's a reminder that kids are often great at solving problems because they haven't "learned" that they can't yet.

Rogue said...

Thanks for posting that. I agree it's not the solution, though it may be the solution to what to do with the bags already out there causing problems. My wife and I have largely decided that we are going to avoid using plastic bags if at all possible. We now own several canvass bags and use those for our shopping. I've even had a few trips I forgot to take them and just juggled it out to the car in my hands. And those pesky vegetable plastic bags, we just keep reusing the ones we had from previous purchases.

I love this blog. I get a kick out of shocking people with the info and my wife and I have been making more and more changes, at least in part, because of some of your posts. Keep putting new ideas and more information out there!

-Nick as in the one named above. Oh no now you know my secret identity

Dave said...

Exactly. Well put.


Dave said...

Nick, How totally cool. I can't tell you how happy i am when i hear from others that something I've done has effected them.

Juggling fruit, I daresay I know it too well.

If you run into any other postables, please keep em coming. It takes me a while but eventually I get there.


Dave said...

Woops, effected should have been affected.