Monday, May 26, 2008

Week 20 Pics

AS you can see I finally got around to cleaning a bit. Lots of spiders but nothing really worse.

A number of folks have mentioned the preponderance of beer and alcohol bottles whihc got me to thinking. But then I realized it only seems like a lot because I don't drink anything else out of bottles/cans so thaat's all that ends up there. That's my story anyway and i'm sticking to it.
The new misc recyclables bin.
As you can see I've graduated aall the paper to the tall box in the back of this pic and cleaned up the cardboard box bag a bit. Worms are doing fine and munching along well.
I closed up my first garbage box and now have a bag up top for garbage. I'll find a suitable box soon but have been busy. Also, the bag o bags is now sitting on top of the haz/ewaste pile.

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