Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Care 2, The New York Times, And The Newsletter

I've been meaning to post some Care2 stuff that I've written for a while but have been remiss. Here's a link to all the things I've written for them so far.  The most recent is a piece on how to avoid coffee waste (cups and otherwise).

The newsletter sign up is up and running and i have had a ton of questions from folks on a few fronts.  To answer the two main ones, anyone who signs up for the newsletter at any time is eligible to win Dave's Bag (and subsequent offerings) as I will pick one number from a pool of numbers (each sign up is numbered) and it'll go to that person, assuming they want it.  Also, the newsletter sign up just went up and the whole format is being worked out so please be patient.  I'd rather it start off with a bang than a wimper.  

And finally, for anyone who didn't see it, I actually made the front of the New York Times believe it or not (well the online edition anyway).  Hilarious.  My folks always figured I'd make the paper (police blotter page) but anyone who knows me knows the Style section is the last place I'd expect to be seen.  Have a laugh!



esther said...

I think that's really great! all my sincere compliments! people are reading, thanks to you, more and more about waste, and, if they like it or not, slowly are getting used to the idea that they too, are generating waste and will have to do something about it, one way or the other!

Cathy said...

Congratulations!! You deserve it for giving some publicity to this super important issue.

Anonymous said...

Great blog, good job you are doing. This is how I found out about you.