Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 10 1/10/08

Todays Haul:

  • 10 misc pieces of paper/receipts - worms
  • 1 plastic OJ bottle HDPE #2 w/cap - recycle pile
  • 1 plastic milk jug HDPE #2 w/cap - recycle pile
  • 2 band-aid wrappers and 4 little plastic tabs from band-aid - garbage pile
  • 1 ball of blue paper tape from painting - garbage
  • 2 plastic wrappers from freeze dried fish - (possibly) recycling pile
  • 1 glass salad dressing bottle w/cap - recycling pile
  • 1 cardboard food box - recycling
  • 1 waxy box liner - garbage
  • 3 incandescent chandelier bulbs - E recycle pile (oooh a new pile)
  • 1 small sticker off an apple (do we really need these?) - garbage


Frank said...

Hey Dave, heard your interview with Kevin & Bean on the KROQ podcast and just wanted to say what's up and show my support!

I posted about you and your...err...courageous project :) on my Wannabe Hippy blog: http://www.wannabehippy.com/2008/01/11/365-days-of-trash-sustainable-dave/

Take care!

Dave said...

Thanks Frank, I'll check it out. Chime in with any ideas you have whenever you can.


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered whether those stickers aren't edible. I'm sure that they must get left on fruit all the time and consumed? I'm not suggesting a meal... but aren't they compostable?

Dave said...

Hmmm...well they are plastic and sticky so i don't think the worms would do much with them. Maybe I'll feed one to my daughter and see what happens....kidding.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I'm new to this blog and I'm starting from the beginning. Looks amazing so far. Great to see people who still give a care about the planet we live on. If we don't, then who will?

In response to this entry...
Those stickers on foods are edible and will...ahem... pass right through you. I did this by accident and found that they do not break down. Who knows what chemicals they left behind, though!
I also saw a story on Daily Planet a while back saying that they can use lasers to print right on the fruit. Hopefully it catches on because not only is there the sticker itself, but the adhesive, the ink, the factory that made it, etc...

Take care,