Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 10 - My daughters

You have to love kids. 

Yesterday my older daughter came home from school and ran in to show me a beat up graham cracker box and the waxy sleeve from the inside, holding it aloft like it was an Olympic Gold Medal.

"What's that" I asked her concerned that maybe garbage holding was in her genes.

"I asked my teacher for this before she threw it out since I know you are recycling everything and not throwing it away" she replied, glowing that she had become a helper in my wacky endeavor.  

I didn't have the heart to explain to her that I was only accounting for my waste and not her classes, so I hugged her and we put it in the box for that days haul. It was really cute.

Today, as I picked up my younger daughter, she sat down and opened her lunch box to see what she had missed, a ritual she highly enjoys each day, as do I since sometimes I get good scraps. Turns out today she was on a mission - she pulled out a little tupperware that she had lovingly filled with her odds and ends and sandwich crusts.

"Look" she squealed with delight "for the worms".

We came home and went down to the basement to feed and "play with" the worms, a scene that I highly doubt played out in any other household on our block.

We're a wacky bunch over here, but ya gotta love it right?


here I am! said...

Education is always the key. We need to totally revamp the education system to that ecology is taught.
your children are lucky to have you as thier teacher!

Dave said...

Agreed Nancy and thanks for the kind comment. They're only half as lucky as I am for having them as daughters though.