Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day 8 1/8/08

Todays Haul:

  • 3 paper receipts - worms
  • 1 plasticoated paper wrapper - garbage pile
  • 1 aluminumy looking peel top from large yogurt container - gotta check on this for recycling
  • 1 tea bag and paper tea bag cover - worms (staple in the garbage)
  • 2 small pieces of thrice used note paper (originally junk mail) - worms
  • 1 cardboard egg container - worms
  • 1 detergent plastic tub with scooper HDPE 2 - recycling pile
  • 1 plastic bag from shredded cheese - recycling? need to check
  • 2 beer bottles with caps - recycling pile


Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see how what is recyclable varies from location to location. In my case I can not recycle bottle caps or lids from cans - maybe they don't want sorters getting cut on the lids?

Penn and Teller Recycling Test:


Anonymous said...

I live in Orange County; the company in charge of recycling here claims that "if you can tear it, it can be recycled." I'm not sure how accurate that actually is (I should find out), but we put pretty much any kind of plastic bag/wrapper in the recycling bin.

Dave said...

Can you call them and tell them that you were told that. Then ask them to explain what can and can't be and see if it jibes. Let us know.


Anonymous said...

blackwell, are they letting you put plastic bags loose in the recycling bin? If so, I wonder how they handle them at the sorting facility. The machinery at many facilities can't handle plastic bags unless they bags stuffed with other bags to make a big ball and tied up. Otherwise, the sorting machines get jammed up. View what can happen when plastic films are tossed in with the rest of the recycling:


might I add...? said...

Hi Dave,

A couple of comments about your recycling/garbage decisions:

-staple (garbage)...it's metal, right, so why not put it in with metal recycling? It seems nitpicky, but your goal is garbage-free, right?

-cardboard egg container (worms) ... if you save these up, you can pass them on to someone who raises chickens. I used to do this when I lived in a small semi-rural town. Now, I live in a big-city suburb, but there are still working farms in the area. I'm sure you can find someone interested. If you get enough (and they're still clean), maybe try freecycle or something.

And something totally unrelated, would you be willing to enable posting comments in a new window? I like to be able to see your original post when I comment.
If so, go to Dashboard>Settings>Comments>Show comments in a popup window? (Yes)
I have pop-ups disabled on my computer, and it still works for me.
Just a thought.

Keep up the good work!

Dave said...

I like the idea of re-purposing the egg containers. While we're not rural enough to have farms nearby, it has occured to me that maybe I can just bring them back to the farmers market next time I get eggs. Thanks for the tip.
I'll check out the comments idea on a test blog and see what it does. Thanks for the tip.


Dave said...

Just switched to pop-ups. Thanks for the tip.