Sunday, December 28, 2008

Win Dave's Bag!! Sign Up Now

Sign up now for the Sustainable Dave Newsletter and earn a chance to win your very own Dave's Bag!

That's right, some lucky winner will win a fabulous backpack with a coffee mug, water bottle, reusable bowl, and much much more. Imagine what your friends will say when you can swear off "disposable" single use items for good!

Be the talk of the town, be the coolest employee in your company. Win Dave's Bag! And, as an added bonus, the first winners will recieve an actual piece of garbage from Dave's basement, signed by Dave himself. How cool is that?

Own a piece of history and help Dave get rid of his garbage. Act now. Don't Delay. Sign Up Today!



Anonymous said...

If you signed up before this post are you also entered into the drawing?

Neal McBurnett said...

Uh, how many people really need another one of most of these items? What else is in the bag? And how much of it will end up in the trash?

Selling individual items would make a lot more sense to me.

Dave said...

Hey Neal,
To answer your question, I'd say that by looking around at the average person out there, most people don't have what's in the bag. Having said that, my hope was that by giving this away, people would be inclined to start to use reusable things instead of disposable.
You make a point that they could end up in the trash, one that hadn't occured to me, but I figure if someone it reading this blog, and inclined to change, they'll use what they need and gift the other things they don't to someone else.
My hope was to make it easy for a few folks. That said, when we pick the first winner, I'll contact them and ask if they want the bag and what's in it.
As for what exactly will be in it, everything you see in the video (minus the gyre sample) and a few extras as well. I can't be specific just yet cuz i don't want to mispeak before I have everything put together adn I can't say that everything will be brand specific either.
Bottom line is that i got a lot of good feedback from the video and it occured to em as a thank you for signing up for the newsletter that I'd like to give something away. The bag seemed like a natural idea.
Thanks for your comment though as it has made me think a bit differently about how to tackle this.

Consume Less, Conserve More!!!!


Rogue said...


If you happen to win and you have all of these things already just think of the potential to save you a ton of money this holiday season when you share the bounty with your friends who very well may not have those items.

Michelle said...

I think this is just awesome, Dave. I'm pretty new to trying to be green. I'm a mom of 4 boys and sometimes it seems overwhelming. We've started recycling cans/paper and using cloth grocery bags. We are also keeping our lights off and our heat way down this winter. I think you're doing a great job and I'm so thankful for finding your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

I need a backpack with more pockets as well as these items, but I have never won anything in my life, so it looks like I'll be heading to the store, haha.

Garden State Kate said...

That's awesome, I look forward to learning more from your newsletter!

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, Neal... Are you a professional curmudgeon or do you just live in a tree with three other like minded friends? Anybody who wins this stuff and doesn't have it needs it, and nobody who has that stuff and uses it is likely to toss it in a landfill.

Seriously, think before you dump all over someone trying to do something good.

I mean, MAN! You really made me irrationally angry, and I'm doing all I can to contain it and be civil. This is not some exclusive club that you get to join by self-sacrifice and elitism. This should be all inclusive, taking those who have just started down this road of self examination as well as more experienced ecophiles.

One of the reasons I like Dave's approach is that he never looks down his nose at someone who's trying, even if they are not "all in".


Dave said...

That's why i luv ya Duane, i can see ya sitting there getting all red in the face. It's all good. You can have Neals bag if he wins ( I kid).


Gina Thompson said...

Hey Dave,

Have you thought about "making" these bags and selling them? I was just thinking how much I'd love to have a "Dave's Bag" and that I definitely buy one if it was for sale. Maybe you could even team up with the people who make the pack?

Food for thought.

~ Gina

Dave said...

We have actually been working on soemthing like that so stay tuned.


AnimalGurl said...

This bag rocks...I'd love to win it...I can just see using that bowl in the breakroom at work -- what a conversation starter! Thanks for all the great ideas Dave...keep 'em coming I'm learning so much.


vNis said...


Keep up your good work and positive example! Great article on Yahoo news btw..

Petula said...

The article on Yahoo brought me here and I have to say I'm really impressed. I loved the video, explanations and suggestions. I am barely green with one long-using light bulb (forgot what it's called), the reusable grocery bag person who often forgets and a few other things that are supposed to be disposable that we (myself and four children with three 5 and under) re-use quite often. I make an effort and often fall off the wagon, but I do get back up again.

Maybe if I become more committed I can come back and you'll have another giveaway that I know I'll use. :) Thanks for working to make us more aware and committed to our environment.

Anonymous said...

I hope you realize that all your efforts are working against American consumerism and the commercial productivity for many business to produce as much merchandise to make more profit. Though your intentions are noble and environmentally-responsible, it is actually going against the profit-making for many businesses who thrive on the buy-now-and-throw-later convenience. Besides, not everyone has the patience to re-use almost every single item. For many people like myself, it's just not gonna happen. Lazy but convenient. As long as I can afford to dispose and replace, why the hell re-use?

Dave said...

It's a very honest argument and I appreciate your candor. For starters, while we need the economy to stay strong, I don't think it should be at the expense of the people (polluiotn, trash, you name it). Would you suggest that more people smoke so that the people who work at the cigarette manufacturers have job security?

We should be using our money smarter and it's not going to happen overnight whihc is why this isn't a doomsday scenario. IF the people start demanding smarter solutions to the packaging problems (for example) businesses will respond if there is a financial incentive.

You ahve mentioned that you are lazy and that's why you choose to buy things and throw them out. Do you not feel you have a repsonsibility to not create more waste that will harm others (Im assuming you don't live near a landfill)? Also, are you happy paying for something over and over that you could have just bought once? Do you enjoy packaging or would you prefer not to have it? Do you like junk mail?

There are a ton of reasons to change and only a few are environmental in nature.


No Police State Girl said...

Hey Dave, I just read an article about your living on 365 days of trash on the internet and you are truly an inspiration for helping to save planet mother earth.

Unknown said...

Hi Dave- I just signed up. I live in an apt here in Texas. It is very small. No car-I take this bus. Could you send me suggestions for someone who has a small apt with no car and no recyclable "pick-up" at my apt? I got deemed the RECYCLING QUEEN at summer camp in my TEEN years but find it hard as an adult to recycle without being in a house.Thanks! Looking forward to your reply:) kat in texas

Dave said...

Hey Kat,
First off thanks. Your best bet is to reduce reduce reduce. After that, sounds like the bus or a friend with a car is the only option. A bigger picture idea would be to contact your assemblyperson and ask them why there is no recycling pickup. That would get more done on the long run. Maybe collect signatures.


Mary R said...

Just found your blog from seeing article on yahoo.com
I think its pretty cool what you are doing. I would love to also enter to win that backpack.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,
How do the orikaso bowls do if you are to heat them up. Will they burn?

Unknown said...

Thanks a bunch! You know I never thought about a petition.I CRINGE ever time I throw something away knowing that it will end up in a landfill and will be TRASH FOR FOREVER! Thanks I appreciate your input. I will ask our sanitary engineer on his next pickup.Ironically speaking...I work on the transplant unit at the University Hospital here in Dallas, Texas.I could ask co-workers to save their cans and stuff and see if I could get help starting something at work too! Thanks for PLANTING the seed! You and your family have a delightful holiday season! kat in texas

Dave said...

Generally speaking you want to stay away from microwaving any kind of plastic so I'd keep the orikaso out of the nuker.

Anonymous said...


What I find frustrating is so many cafeterias in schools, businesses, hospitals, etc, have turned to using styrofoam and plastic for everything! It must be the cost of having to wash silverware and glassware, the salary and benefits for the people doing this job, that is the motivating factor. There is so much landfill that is generated every day during mealtime, it's insane! I once watched a program about schools in Japan where the kids had their own chopsticks which they used and kept in plastic containers like pencil boxes. What if everyone brought in their own utensils for meals, and better yet, also the tupperware? Wouldn't that be something? I try to do that, but I must admit, I am only successful and remember about half the time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave. You've inspired me to be even more of a minimalist than I already am. I'm vegan, so I don't use much packaging, and most things i buy come in plastic or cardboard which i recycle. I throw all food waste into the field outside of my apartment. This is a bit ridiculous to most people, but i'm 19 and I refuse to learn how to drive until I can afford a more eco-friendly way to get around. I plan to use bio diesel. For now I'll continue walking and using the city buses. I live in Austin, TX, so nothing is too far, and my college is a 15 minute walk down the street. Keep with it :]

Unknown said...

Odd that I watched this video a day or so before xmas (when it came out on the Yahoo thing and I then subscribed).

The brother in-law got us 2 sets of folding dishes similar to those (bowl, cup and spoon). Not Orikasa, but another brand. And he hadn't even seen me add it to my Amazon wish list, he was only thinking of the camping we like to do.

Then the day after xmas, we saw Starbucks had some of their holiday-specific decorated stainless steel water bottles on sale, so we each got one that isn't even terribly ugly.

Neither of us are huge coffee drinkers, but we'll look for those anyway.

I had started a small vermicomposting bin experiment 2 weeks ago. So far, we've realized we waste a lot of food and generate a lot of paper/cardboard trash...we need more worms :-O

So anyway, you were interested in knowing that what you are doing is adding people to the group trying to do their best to help, so thanks for the ideas and tips in this video and elsewhere on your sites!

Carlos Gabi e Mel said...

Hi Dave,

Your 'adventure' came out in the first page of the main brazilian newspaper today.... check http://blog.estadao.com.br/blog/guterman/
Great to see simple people like you teaching how easy it is to make it right...to have that habit of being aware of what goes thru your hands....
For us, here in Bahia, Brazil, it was a great pleasure to see this report and we did send the link to all our friends and family so they can 'beleive' it's possible...

The very best to you
Carlos , Gabi and Mel

Anonymous said...

I found your site through the normal blog means - one blog to another to another LOL.

I live in the Northeast Kingdom of VT - classified by those of us living here as the most beautiful place to live on earth.

Here we have options to recycle cans and bottles, but really have no "curbside" recycling for paper, ect. In fact, I honestly have no idea where I would go to recycle anything like that around here.

We tend to recycle in other ways - such as by handing down clothes and toys and getting handed down clothes and toys for our kids. We have three dogs and the dogs get what little leftover food we have (what is healthy for them, anyway). We have always turned off lights, simply because up here you have to spend so much to heat your home that you save money wherever you can.

We use reusable bags for grocery shopping and my husband always brings his coffee mug to work with him (we don't have anything like Starbucks up here LOL).

I guess what I wanted to say was that I was looking forward to checking out the everyday options you have for recycling. I also entered into the giveaway LOL. I'm not sure if you've ever checked out the Northeast Kingdom (the NEK), but I think you'd love how beautiful and clean everything is up here.

Thanks for the site!!

Anonymous said...

I got the towel idea several years ago from a friend who lived in Japan for several years. She told me that most public washrooms there don't have paper towel dispensers or air dryers. I asked her how people dry their hands and she said they carry a small towel with them.

Since then, I keep a little face cloth in my office at work and then I take that along to the washroom when needed!

Dave said...

Awesome. See there's not much new under the sun!


Miss Bear said...

Ohhh, perhaps an idea for a future bag give away: Would there be a way to team up with the woman (or anyone else that is doing the same thing)who is making the messenger bags & whatnot from the wasted snack plastics, and have the backpack itself be a recycled item too? Just a thought. I think what you are doing is fantastic Dave. My family & I have done basic recycling for years, but we are now starting to look for more ways to reuse the rest of the nonsense in our lives. Thanks again Dave & keep up the excellent work :)

Deanna Zachrich said...

Just found this site - Love it!
Thanks so much for all the info. It really helps put things into perspective. I've realized that choosing paper over plastic isn't enough. I've decided to use completely reusable for my shopping.
Thanks again!

Dave said...

So great to hear. Welcome and congrats