Wednesday, December 31, 2008

And that's all she wrote

Well, there you have it, my 365th day of blogging my trash. I have to be honest, it was a little odd doing that for the last time, but having said that, quantifying everything like this is not something i will miss.

For those of you wondering, I was thinking of holding off on the paint cans and sink faucet until tomorrow, when they wouldn't count, but I figured that wasn't really right, so there they are.

As to what happens next, well, this is only the beginning.  I'll post up a finale post here tomorrow night (most likely) as I may have a few fun things to mention and show, and I'm completely zonked from programming all day (if you can call it that).

Having said all of that, I want to quickly thank everybody for all your support, kind words, and most of all interest over the last 365 days. Hopefully the new site will continue on in this tradition and we can all continue on the journey together.

There is one person i feel that i should single out on this, my last day though, and that is my lovely wife. There is no way i would have been able to do this without her understanding, patience, and old blender, and i can't thank her enough for that. Not many wives would allow their husbands to undertake something like this and I think I'm safe to say that I don't know how lucky I am to have her.

Thanks sweetie for hanging in there, for your love and support, and for never sending me down to sleep with the worms.

I love you.



Rolando Gudiel "Jechu" said...

Congratulations, a good example for all. Great Job!!

Rolando Gudiel, Guatemala

Unknown said...

Thanks for doing it! I only found you a week or so ago, but I'll be following along on the new site (which looks great, btw).

Anonymous said...

awesome job!

julia said...

Congratulations - and THANK YOU - to you and your patient wife!

For people like me, who have just begun to wake up and smell the garbage in the past year, your site has been incredibly informative and helpful.

Looking forward to the new site!

Lacey said...

It's been great to follow your journey and I too hope the journey continues! Your ideas have changed the way I think and live; in that respect your influence has been immeasurable. Thank you.

Cheryl Wee said...

I'd just like to congratulate you and what a commendable effort it had been! I truly admire you are your family for the sheer determination in making a difference!

I'm from Malaysia and am moved by your efforts - will definitely do my deed in preserving our earth's resources by reducing, reusing and recycling :)

Unknown said...

i find your efforts quite intruiging, how did you know how to sort all of the wastes?

Dave said...

Thanks Tom. It was quite simple actually. I called my local recycling center and asked them what was what. Most counties have it on their websites and if not, with a little digging you can find it for your area.