Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Final Numbers

Today was extremely crazy for a lot of reasons but I did manage to do a final tally with a real scale and get some numbers. I was hoping to get to a wrap up post as well, but that will have to wait. Perhaps its for the best as I'll have day or two to reflect. That said, throwing something "away" this morning was an extremely odd experience, one that in all truth, made me feel uneasy. I don't think I will ever think the same after this experience, and that's a good thing.

So here ya go. Some numbers are different than last month due to a more accurate scale. Truthfully, better than I had thought.

30.5 Pounds

19 Pounds

Plastic Bags
4 Pounds

12 Pounds

Misc. Recycling
26.5 Pounds

69.5 Pounds

9 Pizza Boxes

11 Tetra Paks

153 Glass Bottles

14 Cups

2 Aluminum Cans

64 Plastic Bottles and Jugs

8 Plastic Yogurt Tubs w/Tops

8 Old Paint Cans

So there ya go.  Pretty shocking.  If all goes well tomorrow I'll have pictures and more up.  Stay tuned.


Village Green said...

Congratulations upon reaching the end of one year of trash collecting. Looking forward to your new blog.

hillary said...

Congrats on completing the project! I was excited to receive the first newsletter issue this morning...looking forward to more from you.

Happy New Year --

Unknown said...

I've only begun logging the first day of the 1-week challenge and am disgusted already.

I wonder how atrocious your numbers would be if you were a standard, unaware American.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across your blog about 3 weeks ago and have been checking in almost every day. It's a really great thing that you've done! Great job. Amazing. I've got you bookmarked and enjoy reading your blog. I will continue reading. Thanks for sharing all this!

Dave said...

Hey Nomad,
I;ve been asked that adn i always point out that I'm not a consumer (or your average consumer) to begin with. Amazing process though isn't it? Just remember, we're not comparing ourselves to eachother, we're comparing ourselves to ourselves.


Jen said...

Wow. That's a lot of pounds of stuff. I just started yesterday with the challenge.

Anonymous said...

You have an unusual hobby.

Anonymous said...

desde Mexico yo te doy las gracias por ponernos este valioso ejemplo y por darle un pequeño respiro a la tierra Gracias!!!

jmc said...

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Kerry Abdow said...

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