Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The One Week Challenge

Over 20 people from New Zealand, to Denmark, to here in the US of A have signed up and I'm hoping that more will join in. I'll send out a questionaire tomorrow to everyone who has emailed me that they are in and we'll see what happens. My original idea was to do this the first week of January, but in reality, feel free to fit it in in the first two weeks, or whenver works for you. The idea is to consume like you usually do, and see what you've got.

Contact me at the link up top if you're game, and if you haven't received the questionaire yet, please let me know via email and I will send it.



Anonymous said...

Greetings, Dave....

I'm in. Easy enough for me to hold my "trash" for a week as I don't need to get rid of it but two times a month.

Mostly, I have recycling, i.e. cans, glass, and plastic bottles (milk). That is the real bane! I have much more "recycling" than actual trash.

Hopefully, participating with others in this experiment will give me some ideas of how to cut down on all that.

Peace, and Happy New Year to you and all!

Dave said...

Cool, send me an email through the contact link up top and I'll send you the info.


Natália said...

Hi Dave!
I am brazilian and have been doing something similar to your work, but I am more interested in the total weight of trash I will produce in a year (that will be completed in march, 2009). I want to participate of your one week challenge, probably on the second week of january. Ok?
Congratullations for your work!


Dave said...

Great to hear Tata, please email at the contact link up top so i can put you on the list and send you the questionaire.