Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Tip #5 - Gift Lotteries

I'm the first to say that the holidays shouldn't be defined by gift giving, but there is a reality that can't be avoided.  Many of us enjoy getting and receiving gifts this time of year, partly for nostalgic reasons and partly because it's fun to see what someone got you.  The big problem isn't really in the receiving a gift column, but moreso in the receiving 20 gifts column.  So how about changing things up a bit.

Get your family, friends, office workers together and put everyone's name in a hat.  Everyone pulls one name and that's the only person they need to get a gift for.  But here's the catch.  They can only get that person something used that they think that individual would actually want.  this adds to the fun as far as I'm concerned because it makes it  bit of a treasure hunt at the same time.  IF you know the person, you can really think about who they are and what their interests are, and if you don't, well, get to know them.  Starting this process around now will give you the time to research an idea and source a used gift - afterall, you can't just walk into Walmart and buy what you were looking for.

If you want to spice it up, add a no wrapping paper rule and tell everyone they need to figure out wrapping using something that is biodegradable or can be re-used.

And finally, for some added fun, make the gift a two parter.  We all have things that have been given to us that we never actually wanted in the first place, so how about in addition to the gift you get for them, adding something you have that you never wanted in the first place (no trash, just that old guy who blows bubbles out of his butt that Aunt Phyllis ave you last year).  One persons trash is another persons treasure and at the very least, you'll be clearing out some closet space.


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