Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Tips

Here's a list of waste-lite holiday tips.  I'll be adding to it daily until the end of the month or I run out of ideas (whichever comes first).  Feel free to add your own thoughts as well.


Victor Foster said...

Hi, my name is Victor Foster and I'm a student in my school's AP earth and environmental class at White Oak High School. We learned in class about your efforts towards creating awareness concerning the problems we as Americans have concerning waste.I think these are some great (although a bit unconventional) ideas that could help everyone produce less waste during the holiday season. Thanks for all that you do, and please feel free to leave comments for our class at http://dillmanapenvironmental.blogspot.com.

Kara Wilson said...

Hi, I'm Kara W. I am a student from White Oak Highschool and was told to comment on your blog. We learned about what you were doing with collecting your trash for and yaer and I would like to say that I would'nt do it (too lazy). But that Furoshiki thing was intersecting and I would try that although it takes the fun out of riping up the rapping paper(Ilove that part). Plus I didn't know that you could rent a Chirstmas tree very intersecting.

Dave said...

Hey Kara,
Thanks for stopping by. I hear you about not wanting to do this. It takes some commitment. Glad you found something interesting though. Tell Mr. Dillman I said hi.


Kara Wilson said...

Hi my name is Kara W. I am a student at White Oak High School. We learned about how you collected trash for a year. I wont do that but I though that the Furoshiki was intersecting (I could give that a try). Although it takes all the fun from ripping up rapping paper. And I didn't know you could rent a Christmas tree (intersecting).