Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday Tip #6 - Give An Experience

This holiday season, instead of going out and buying stuff, why not give a lesson or two.  Music lessons, art lessons, gardening lessons, pottery lessons, you name it.  If you surf your local craiglist, paper or even ask at the library, you can find knowledgeable folks who can teach just about anything.  Find out what your loved one has always wanted to do, and give them the gift of knowledge!  No packaging, no standing in line, and your pumping money back into your local economy.  Sure i want a turnip twadler, but compared to learning how to play the bagpipes (honey, are you reading this?) does it compare?  I think not.



Anonymous said...

My kids are swimming in toys. For their birthdays and Christmas this year, we asked our relatives to thoughtfully consider giving our kids experiences rather than a new toy. This put all of our relatives (both sides are divorced and remarried with varying finances) on equal footing. Though we still ended up with toys, we could tell that our family had put a lot of thought into the gift.

We ended up with a year pass to the zoo with some wooden animal puzzles, a Veggie Tales book and tickets for our whole family to see them in concert, a week-end visit to Granny's 'farm' with a tractor ride, nature walk and craft projects, etc. Our kids are still young enough to think visiting relatives is just the best thing ever. The experiences they had were good for our entire family and the children said they would remember them the rest of their lives.

If someone offered to teach me to sew as a gift, I would love it. My husband frequently gives computer repair 'coupons' as gifts.

I love your blog by the way. :)

Dave said...

Right on. How cool is that? Now I'll email your hubby about sewing and you email my wife about the bagpipes. Deal?