Thursday, December 4, 2008

Too Much Packaging?

A reader named Craig sent this in a few weeks ago.  Seems like a little overkill for software that could probably be downloaded no?

Thanks for sharing Craig.


"I ordered my new years worth of Norton 360 from Office Depot online, and it just arrived! The software is in a box about the size of a small book, yet they shipped it to me in a box measuring 16x12x10 inches. I'm not kidding! I thought they must have made a mistake and sent me the wrong order, but when I opened it, there was the little box of software sitting inside the huge box! Thought you would enjoy the comedy of it all."


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,

Maybe they hid the product in an inappropriate box to fool the public.

Just like my wheelie bin, a whole lot of air and minimal or no content. That is my answer to the incinerator lobby. They can burn the air in my empty wheelie if they like!

Ron Strelecki said...

There is still software that needs to be... constrained on a disk?

On The Simpsons last week, Lisa's iTunes bill arrived in a similar suite of packaging.

Anonymous said...

Craig, You should consider opting for the Download only and licence via email option next year.

Anonymous said...

Unforntunately, some companies use the same size boxes for their shipments no matter the size. They can ship things quicker. It drives me nuts!