Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dirty Little Secrets

OK, I need to come clean on something here. I'm insanely addicted to Chipwich's (or any variation thereof). Now the only one's we seem to be able to get around here are Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich's which in my opinion, don't even come close to the goodness of Chipwich's due to the cookie to chocolate chip to ice cream ratio, which is way off. the Nestle's ones come in this horrendous plastic wrapper that can't be recycled, so, at the end of December, I had my last one, realizing that while I wouldn't go a year, I'd probably not be seeing them for a while.

Cut to today and I was in Trader Joe's and caught sight of a box of Trader Joe's Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cookie sandwiches. I swear the lights dimmed and I heard a chorus of angels. They come in a cardboard box and are individually wrapped in thin plastic bags that are recyclable.

Now don't get me wrong, I know that I'm better off waste wise, not buying these things and I won't be buying them often, but i have to be honest, I'm psyched. I actually ate two of them before lunch (I know, I'm a child).

What can I say, we all have our vices.



might I add...? said...

"wrapped in thin plastic bags that are recyclable."

How do you know when those plastic bags can be recycled? I've been reading you saying that you're recycling all these plastic things, even things without numbers, and I'm curious about how to do the same...

Dave said...

Hey there,
thanks for saving me from the tedium of listing everything. I must say, it's the part i like the least about this whole project.
Excellent question. Here in LA, we are really far above the curve and as i understand it, they will take just about any plastic bag that is clean.
Having said all of that, i am fully well aware that there are certain things I have listed that may in fact be wrong. I have set up a time to head to a local recycler, and will be bringing my "stuff" with me to get the exact poop from him on what's what. Whatever I learn, or whatever i change, I'll be noting.
My apologies because at the outset, i had planned on learning all of this up front and passing info on, but the diseases of the winter have kept me more sedate than Iu had hoped I'd be. Hopefully things will be picking up.
My best suggestion is to call your waste disposal company (number should be on the bill or the truck) and ask who takes your recycling. Then go see them and ask them in person.