Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Re-Usable Drinking Containers

I picked these up for my kids today for their lunches. We've been using plastic ones and they were getting pretty old (we've set them aside for outside squirting fun now). They are all aluminum, don't smell, have no taste, and are leakproof. They are made by a company called Sigg in Switzerland and I know several folks who use them (they make large sizes too). Here's the kicker though - they were $17!!!!! I was shocked. The nice thing thoguh is that the larger sizes are only about $4 more so while they are expensive, at least they represent what it probably costs to make these things. The way i figure it, my kids health is worth it, if they last 10 years, they are 1.70 a year, and for others, as compared to store bought bottled water or juice boxes everyday, they're a steal.



just ducky said...

I LOVE Sigg water bottles! They are awesome...but I also really like Kleen Kanteen. You can compare/contrast them on www.reusablebags.com. I have one Kleen Kanteen and a couple of Siggs and I am happy with both company's products!

Dave said...

Cool. It seems like the aluminum/steel is the main difference to consider, although after reading the Sigg info i'm not too worried. Great to hear they are both good products!