Monday, February 18, 2008

Whole Foods Ditches Plastic Bags

Whole Foods announced in January that they are giving up plastic for good. As of Earth Day they will no longer offer plastic bags at all but will still offer paper for the time being. They are also presently selling these cool looking free standing bags that are made from 80% recycled plastic bottles, cost just .99 and will be replaced for free should they ever break. They're pretty hearty though so they should last a long time. When you consider that you get .5 back every time you use them (and lately they've been unofficially upping that in order to convince you it's the right thing to do), these bags will be making you money in no time. Cuhl.

A hale an hearty Huzzah to Whole Foods for boldly going where no supermarket chain has gone before.

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Anonymous said...

We own two of these and use them for just about everything! Our Whole Foods has also been giving a 10 cent discount when we bring our own tupperware and our organic cotton produce bags so that's cool.

Thanks for your compliment about our blog. We added you to our blogroll.



might I add...? said...

Thanks for the info! I'll be going in to the store, and I'll be sure to give them some positive feedback.

- b. said...

That's great! I think Trader Joe's was a bit of a pioneer in this no-plastic-bag bandwagon, yes?

Dave said...

Could be, I have been using re-usable bags for so long now that I truly can't tell you what they use, but I don't recall seeing plastic there.

Melissa said...

I also like that they give you the option (at least at my store) to donate your "no bag" savings to charity.