Sunday, February 17, 2008

Week 7 Pictures

Things are still looking up in the basement. No significant smell at all. That said, I've decided that this week I'm going to move everything to the other side of the basement (the other 4 feet you can't see that is) and clean everything. No real reason, just paranoia about pests and bugs. I think I'll probably do that every month just as a precaution.

Added a new lightbulb and two batts to the e-waste pile. I have a call in to the e-waste people to come in and see them soon.

Garbage is still looking extremely minimal. One of the things i plan to do this week is way it and keep a tab on that. Sort of catching up to the end of the month report.

A few more bottles but nothing serious. I wish beer/soda bottles could be re-purposed easier.

Not much new in the paper/cardboard department.

Another task to tackle. I want to rearrange this somehow as it is a really poor use of space.

And finally the bag of bags which seems to be holding it's own just fine.

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Saurus said...

Just a suggestion for the glass bottles such as liquor bottles...my family has used these bottles for making our own teas, vinagers, tinctures and other alternative healing "liquids". The possiblities are endless.