Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Tip #3 - Save A Tree

A lot of people get Christmas trees this time of year and there is a fair amount of debate about fake, real, live, you name it. Your best bet on the enviro front is to plant one and use it year after year. If that's not an option, how about renting one? Don't believe you can? Check out this piece from Terrapass all about Christmas tree options including rental opportunites in the left coast.



hillary said...

My mom and I use a ficus tree in a big pot that lives outside for the rest of the year, just lugging it inside and decorating it each Christmas. Of course she lives in Florida, so it's possible to keep it outside, but why not do the same with an indoor potted tree?

PS -- If the previous comment is the same Susan you apologized to before for rejecting her comment... looks like a spammer, I'm sorry to say. :)

Dave said...

Hah, yeah, I think you're right now that I read it. Jokes on me I guess.

Good on ya for luggin' that tree.


ercln said...

Down here in parts Louisiana they collect the Christmas trees to be used to help restore the wetlands lost from coastal erosion. They make fences using the trees to help trap the sediments from washing out.

Dave said...

Very cool!