Sunday, January 27, 2008

Week 4 Pictures

Almost one month in and on one hand it's more than what i thought it would be and on another it's less.

The bottles are a bit more than i thought they'd be as a bunch are because of the kids, or at least i would have drunk water if they weren't there.

I now have a paper bag, cardboard boxes bag, and plastic bag bag.

The other recyclable stuff which is still fitting in the plastic tub I started with.

I've started putting aside good use recyclables that will most likely be re purposed. That way I don't have to go digging for anything.

This is the most surprising to me. The garbage pile, minus the wallpaper which is still in the blue bin I put it in, is surprisingly low. While recycling isn't a fantastic way to go, it's a heck of a lot better than throwing stuff out. I'm fairly happy that without realizing I've cut down a fair amount over the years just out of my own desire.


here I am! said...

could you post some pics of your worms?
or the worm bin in action?

Dave said...

Just got over the flu so I'll be posting a description and pics fairly soon (I hope).

Village Green said...

HI Dave, I just realized I didn't have your blog in my Google Reader and am now catching up on your project. In a less dramatic way, I am emulating your focus by keeping track of how many times I take my city-provided trash and recycle bins to the curb this year. My rule is, they only go to the curb when full. There's nothing nasty in them, as I put all food stuffs in the compost bin and don't have any meat or dairy remains as I'm a vegan. So far, I've taken them out to the curb on Jan 8th and that is it. They will probably be ready to go out again for collection next week on Feb 6th. I'm a one person and two pet household. If once a month turns out to be the average, then I'll try to reduce my trash even more.