Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day 56 - Monday 2/25/08

Today's Haul:

  • 1 glass bottle Trader Joes Soyaki (love that stuff) w/top - recycle
  • 1 coffee bag (see below for explanation) - garbage
  • 1 glass beer bottle w/top - recycle
  • 1 tuna fish can - recycle
  • 1 17 piece gum pack - garbage
  • 1 17 piece paper gum holder - worms
  • 4 pieces scrap paper - worms
  • AT&T "stuff" - garbage and e-waste

OK, so my wife came home about two weeks ago all excited because of some dealio at Starbucks where she got 5 bags of really good coffee for the pirce of two or something like that. Bless her soul, she actually apologized because she knew the bags would be a problem, but felt it was too good of a deal (she's a sucker for these kind of things, but it actually was a good deal). So you'll be seeing some coffee bags for the next month or so. Cest La Vie.

As for the AT&T stuff, I was having internet trouble and they came out and realized that our line and phone box were pre-Alexander Graham Bell. So they ended up replacing everything. After they were done, I asked them if they would leave any trash for me, explianed why, and they were more than happy to round it up and leave it. Pretty cool of them, and now I've got more stuff to put in the basement.

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