Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Every Little Bit Helps

My friend Duane just sent me an email that made me smile. It seems that his wife Rebecca was working at their kids school book fair, I'm assuming at the area where you purchase the books.

"She noticed everyone asking for bags to carry their (usually) single book back to their SUV so they could drive the 2 blocks home and then leave the book in the car until later. This annoyed said wife, who started asking, "Would you like a bag with that, or would you like to save some of the planet for our children?"

Apparently some still took bags, but many did not. I love this because basically what she did was ask people to consider the reality behind the choices that they were about to make. My thing is always - if you want to take a plastic bag, go ahead, just make sure you are being honest about what you are doing first. Also I should note that Duane tends to be a bit acerbic so my guess is that Rebecca was a bit nicer in how she put it (but part of me hopes she wasn't).

Huzzah Rebecca, thanks for fighting the good fight!

Live Sustainably


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Sandra Hamlett said...

I can really appreciate this post. I just posted something similar on my blog- The Serendipitous Life about my quest to end my plastic consumption. I often feel as though I've sprouted another head when I decline that plastic bag.