Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kevin and Bean on KRQO

As is becoming the norm, Kevin, Bean and Lisa checked up on my insanity yesterday in a fun little interview.




Billy said...

Atta boy Sustainable!

Jeanne said...

Just listened to the radio show clip. Here are my observations:

1. I think the stuff you're doing is awesome, and I'm jealous of your veggie oil car.
2. I'm scared of bears, though, and wouldn't want them attacking my car.
3. I think I like Lisa better (hehe).

p.s. If you sat next to me at a bar and told me you were saving all your trash, I would let you buy me a drink.

Dave said...

Hey Life.

1. Thanks for the cudos


3. Yeah, Lisa rocks. I'll get to Kevin and Bean eventually (although I think Kevin is more in line already)

See I didn't think that was such a bad opening ljne.....lol.