Sunday, March 9, 2008

Week 10 Pics

Week 10 and still doing ok. No smell and as you may notice, the worm bin has graduated outside (more on that below)

I know, i keep on promising to clean up but there just isn't enough time!

OK, so the worm bin has made it outside now that it has officially stopped raining here in SoCal. I had them in the basement for that reason but decided that temp and airflow (breezes really) were better outside. The basement tends to keep a little cool and they like a little heat now and again. Also, it was getting a tad stinky from time to time so i was having to stir it up a bit to get air moving. Not a problem, but a pain. Hopefully outside, the breezes will keep enough air moving that this won't be a problem. And hopefully there won't be animal problems either. We'll see. I did take the opportunity to clean it a bit though and got a ton of worm tea from the bottom. Probbaly a quart. This is the water that leaches through the castings and is super nutrient rich. Put it on the lemon tree and we'll see how it does.


Anonymous said...

Worm tea sounds pretty gross. Does it have a good taste?

Anonymous said...

Your worms may need to go back in the basement when the weather turns hot and dry there.


Anonymous said...

Hope your worm bin doesn't turn into a raccoon feeder.

Dave said...

Worm tea is a bit nasty and if it tastes anything like it smells, the answer would be no.