Sunday, April 13, 2008


John Mayer sings about it, Sir Isaac Newton pondered upon it, Michael Jordan seemed to defy it, and tonight, it visited me in the basement.

As you've seen before, I had the bottles nicely arranged along the side of the staircase looking all neat and cool.  I logged my stuff tonight, opened the door to the basement to put things in their respective homes, and an old vent cover that I had hanging on the wall knocked loose as i was walking down the stairs. Like some bad bowling nightmare, the bottles started shooting all over the place, and before you knew it, the basement looked like the picture you see here.  It was actually sort of funny in a bizarre slow motion kind of way. Astonishingly, not a single bottle broke, so the cleanup shouldn't be that bad.  That said, i've got to get up at 5 AM for work, so i fear that new pics will have to wait until tomorrow night.

Gravity.  Gotta love it.



foutfolk said...

Dave...you are hilarious! I am enjoying reading your posts and hearing about what your doing. Very seldom do people amuse me the way you do :)

Dave said...

Hey folks,
Thanks for reading. I have to admit my sense of humour isn't for everyone but g;ad you get it.

Good lookin brood