Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A thousand thanks

I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am to everyone who sent wishes over the last week. As of this afternoon, my Dad is sitting up and drinking coffee and is doing unbelievably well. He's still got a long road to go, but luckily, the hurdles that he has to clear at this point are all related to time and levels of comfort as opposed to the question of whether he will clear them or not.

This experience has taught me a lot as anyone who has been through such a thing can understand. What i didn't expect however came through the portal of this blog. I posted the last post at a moment where, through new information and extreme fatigue, we were all concerned that we might lose him. Immediately I started receiving emails from people I have never met, would not know if i saw them in public, and in many cases, have never even seen on the blog. The offers ranged from wishes, to support, to advice, to blood donations. To say that it was awe inspiring would be a huge understatement and it reinforced my faith that deep down inside, people are essentially good at heart.

So, from the bottom of my heart, I want to offer my extreme thanks and indebtedness. While I know my Dad's strength of character and love of life was a major contributor, I also know that there were larger forces at work and for that I am grateful.

It'll take me a few days to get back up to speed on the blog but i should be caught up by the end of the week. You would not believe how much trash i had to stuff in my bag as I only thought I'd be gone for a day or two and didn't bring a large one.

C'est la vie.  All is well in 365 land and I'll be up and running in a day or so.




Matt Dick said...

Great News! I couldn't be happier for you.


foutfolk said...

Glad to hear that he is doing better. What a scare it is when a love one comes close to eternity!

I have enjoyed reading and browsing your blog and links. You have re-inspired me to recycle more. I'm probably not going to save my trash, but I am going to "bump it up" in the recycling area.


Grad Green said...

I'm so glad to hear he is doing better. Your family has been in my thoughts.

Dave said...

Thanks so much everyone. Glad to be back.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave. I got really behind on my blog reading and didn't realize your dad was sick until just now. Glad he's doing better. Take care.


miss cellophane said...

i lit a candle the night i read your post. you and your father were in my thoughts. even though i dont know you nor have i ever spoken with you, your blog has been a huge source of inspiration for me. keep on keeping on in every sense of the phrase. i am so glad to hear he is doing better. :)

Dave said...

Hey Cell,
Thanks so much for the kind words and I'm glad you are finding the blog to be helpful. Hopefully next month will amp up and it can be even moreso.

Good thoughts.