Thursday, May 29, 2008

Back to toothpaste

As many of you may recall, I switched to a nasty tasting baking soda/glycerin/salt mix a few months back in order to get off the toothpaste waste train.  I got a number of emails from folks about Toms Of Maine toothpaste and how their tubes are recyclable. I checked into it and sure enough, if you take the plastic cap off, you can throw it in with your aluminum cans. Very cool.  That said, I knew I had a dentist appointment coming up (today in fact) and figured I'd stick with it until then to see if there was anything they noticed.  Well, i am happy to say that 2 months later I got the full clean bill of health.  While it's not a year or two, at least i know for the short term that other than intense, nausea, there's no major downside to using a homemade concoction like mine.

Having said all of that, tomorrow I jump back on the toothpaste wagon and can kiss the fear of brushing goodbye forever.  

On a final note, I'm picking up one of these little babies as well, a toothpaste squeezer. I figure if I'm going to head back to tubes, the least i can do is squeeze out every last bit right? I wonder if it comes with the press on nails or if I have to supply my own.?


POSTSCRIPt: See comments below but it makes more sense to just use a comb or the side of the sink to get every last bit out.


Duane said...

Really? You jumped of the "toothpaste train" to avoid waste and then, after months of nausea, you jump back on and in the process, buy a gadget? How about using the edge of the sink? I'm just saying...

On the other hand, if it makes you happy, buy the gadget. Life is short.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave. You don't need to buy a toothpaste squeezer. (Just another piece of plastic.) Use the back edge of a comb to squeeze out the last of the toothpaste. I just put the tube on the side of the sink and scrape with the back of the comb. It works great. (Well, it did when I was using toothpaste. Now I use baking soda and love it! But I realize it may not be for everyone.)


Dave said...

Yes Yes Yes, See this is why you all rock and at why I am always astounded by the fact that big things can sometimes be easier than small things. Of course I can use a comb or the sink, I don't know why I didn't think of that (ok, I thought the squeezer was cool and it was an impulse buy). Luckily I can return it unopened so back to the store it goes. Thanks for keeping me honest!

And good luck with that baking soda Beth, you're a stronger person than I!


mamaborg said...

you can also cut the end of the tube open and easily access the paste down to the very last drop. over a lifetime you'll probably save the equivalent of at least two tubes.

christy b said...


Did you try adding peppermint or spearmint to the baking soda?

Dave said...

Hey Christy,
I did try both and to no avail. My guess is that through trial and error I may one day get there, but between wanting to brush my choppers and dreading it, I'll take the former. The latter would eventually lead to a lot more waste so for now, I'm moving back to paste.

Are you using a homemade concoction? Care to share?


Anonymous said...

Ackshully, I iz weak. Very weak, it turns out, as you will see if you read my post on Thursday morning.

Stretch Mark Mama said...

I love those toothpaste squeezers! (even though they are plastic) A friend of mine gifted me with one several years back, knowing my uber-frugal nature, and I've used it faithfully.

Dave said...

Hah, too funny. Yeah Toothpaste is a tough one to crack.