Monday, May 5, 2008

Greendimes Again

Thought this was worthy of a post.

After Might I Add added that she was hesitant to sign up for Greendimes as she doesn't like to give out her credit card on the internet, I emailed them to ask if this was absolutely necessary. Just got a comment from Sanjiv over there that they have removed that requirement, making it still easier to get rid of your junk mail. Very cool and i'm impressed with not only their responsiveness, but with their ability to understand a legitimate concern about credit card safety and address it so effectively.

Rock on Greendimes!



Anonymous said...

Have you heard of Earth Class Mail?

Your mail is forwarded to a facility in Oregon and then scanned in. Your mail is now available online anywhere anytime. If you need to, you can have the actual pieces of mail forwarded to you.

One of the greatest benefits that I can see is the "recycle" option. You can click to have your mail recycled for you. They claim a 94% recycling rate - pretty awesome! For people like me that don't have curbside recycling as an option, I think this is great.

Of course there is the extra transit and the impact that has.

The benefits of access, organization and recycling combined with GreenDimes is a winning combo for me.

Dave said...

Wow, hadn't heard of these guys. Wacky idea though. Seems like it may cut down on some energy wastes, but I'm not sold on the idea of someone else getting and going through my mail. Just me I guess. I'd much rather go e-bill on most things and then cut down on the junk. It's always good to have choices though right?