Sunday, July 13, 2008

Week 27 Pics


Anonymous said...

I listened to you on the radio the other morning speaking to a South African DJ. I teach 9 year old girls and a major focus of our theme this year is biodeiversity, recycling and waste discussion. We even got them to start planning litter-free lunch boxes themselves. I think that what you are doing is an inspiration. The mere fact that you are putting so much emphasis on how much waste you create, seems to have forced you to a fraction of what a general person produces. Congrats!

Dave said...

Thanks so much for the post Julie. It was a real treat to be heard so far away from home and I'm glad it resonated. I teach a course to school kids on renewable energy and sustainability and what youa re doing is the best thing anyone can do. Teach those kids that whats going on with the planet is wrong and show them a better way and the world will start to improve.

Consume Less, Conserve More!!!