Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 266 - Tuesday 9/23/08

Today's Haul:

  • 1 muffin wrapper - worms
  • 2 paper plane ticket stubs - worms
  • 1 fellafel wrapper - worms
  • 2 pieces chewed gum in wrappers - garbage
  • 1 paper map - worms
  • 2 small drink napkins - worms
  • 2 small straws - garbage
  • 1 plastic bag from pizza dough - garbage


Unknown said...

Sorry about that bag from the pizza dough. We had a blast making pizzas with you at Sustainability House. Come back for dinner soon.

Dave said...

HA, no problem Mark. The bag was worth the fun. I would have taken more but you folks were so good at repurposing so much of the packaging there wasn't much for me to take!

We'll have to do it again, no question, but next time everything from scratch! I'm posting about my trip in the next day or so once I get caught up so stay tuned.

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