Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gardenerd - How Could i Not Post This?

A friend just sent me a note about this cool website, Gardenerd which really rocks.  For starters, it has nerd in the title, so how bad can it be right?  But beyond that, it's really pretty cool with a ton of info.  It claims to be the ultimate resource for garden nerds, but has no information on where my Han Solo figure I lost back there last year are.  That said, it's really great and I highly recommend checking it out and passing it around.

Garden Nerds of the World UNITE!


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Anonymous said...

As a "would-be" farmer who lives on the world's smallest lot, I'll take what I can and use it! But, I'm so excited to have found a great source for Christmas presents - I have some very difficult giftees that would really dig some gardenerd paraphenalia!