Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Day 329 -Tuesday 11/25/08

Today's Haul:

  • 1 set of sides from filming - recycle
  • 1 staple from sdes from filming - garbage
  • 1 container rolled oats w/top - repurpose
  • 1 ice cream wrapper - garbage


Mary Ann said...

Hey Dave! Saw an article about you in one of our Danish magazines...way to go...you're famous in Europe, too!!! I'm a recyler from way back when, but was still very motivated from your comments! Wish I could find one of those worm composters over here...maybe I could distribute them??!!!
Cheers! Mary Ann in Denmark

Dave said...

Hey Mary Ann,
Thanks for th note. What mag was it in? You can easily make your own worm composter if you are of the mind, but that said, you should google them and contact the company, maybe they'd be interested.