Friday, May 22, 2009

Crayon Recycling?

Proof that you really can recycle everything in some way, check out Crazy Crayons. They take in your old crayons, melt them down, and make crazy multi colored crayons out of them.  

Did I mention they're crazy!  


Of course you can always donate those crayons to the public school down the block that has just had it's funding cut back to the bone, but if they aren't interested, or you're bummed that the soccer moms are always parking in front of your house, send them along to Crazy Crayons! 

That is if your kids haven't eaten them all first.



Unknown said...

Hi Dave,
A family that comes to my "pajama storytime" at the library started a little charity, that's beginning to turn into something a little more than they'd ever anticipated.

What they did was got the local Friendly's to save aside the used crayons that normally got tossed into the trash, peeled them, and melted them down to make "crazy crayons" which they sold. The proceeds are being donated to the CT Children's Medical Center. The whole thing has been snowballing.


Dave said...

Fantastic. My dad actually helped put together the hartford Childrens Hospital. Is that the same thing?

Unknown said...

Yes. Newington Children's Hospital closed and set up next to Hartford Hospital in a cool building. Your dad's a pediatrician, right? So he probably would have been involved.

Caroline said...

A particularly crafty mother of a friend of mine growing up used to do this somehow at home. We loved coloring with them! And I love the idea of using crafts as a means of charitable support.