Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crude: Texaco and Ecuador Contamination

This is a clip from the film Crude about what Texaco left behind in Ecuador after they pulled out. Harrowing stuff.



Austin Wood said...

Hello My name is Austin Wood and I would like to tell you thank you for your hard work and dedication to informing people about how to be environmentaly friendly. This video shows just how bad our world is at harming the environment. We need to find a new energy source besides fossil fuels, its really putting a hurting on our world. If you have any ideas on eco-friendly fuels or any other eco-friendly practices,my classmates would love to hear them. If you have time please post a comment on http://dillmanapenvironmental.blogspot.com/

Alex Pen... said...

My name is Alex Pennington and i am a classmate of Austin who posted above. I agree with his ideals on the video on your blog and I also think that we need to switch to a new energy source. Either that, or better the process that breakes down the fuel that we use to make it cleaner when it goes into the environment. Because if you think about it, it is the process itself that is harmful to the environment becuse the gass has to be broken down by the engine to be truly harmful in and around the environment. Also if you can, could you find the time to post a comment on our APES blog which is through the link that Austin has posted. Thank you for your time.

Dannielle Hobbs said...

“… This is the power of corporate energy, this is the power of toxic energy, this is the power of high-priced lawyer energy, and this is the power of silence.” The subliminal message conveyed through this video is quite alarming. It’s disturbing to see how the cold hard facts about Chevron corporate energy have been applied to such realistic circumstances and conditions. I wonder what will have to happen in order for companies such as these to stop the environmentally hazardous practices in which they participate in on a daily basis…
Maybe you could provide not only me, but my AP Earth and Environmental Science class with an answer to this seemingly always unanswered question of mine.


Your feedback would be widely appreciated,
Dannielle Nadine Hobbs (Senior)

DillmanScience said...


Thank You for giving us inspiration. We couldn't do what you are doing but we at least tried it for a day. My students were FORCED (assigned) to carry all of the trash they accumulated for one whole day and then we dissected their trash and compared our consumption to the rest of the US. We don't know how you do it. Keep it up bro. If you ever want to virtually guest speak (Skype, etc) to one of my classes I would honored. Thanks for taking the time to post on our blog.


Mr. Brandon Dillman
WOHS Science Dept.

Dave said...

That's awesome. How'd they do? And yes, would be happy to do a skype situation. Let me know when and where and we'll make it so.


DillmanScience said...

They did pretty well. It was hard/ embarrasing for some (having to walk around school with a trash bag over their shoulder. I will let you know about the future skype session soon.


Brandon Dillman
WOHS Science Dept.

Unknown said...

My name in Tremayne McNair and i wanted to tell you thank you, because you are apprieciated. this video really brings to attention the harmful affects of the world. If you have any type of ideals that you think would be interesting for me and my class to hear, please blog on our class blogspot. thank you.


Brittney Dennis said...

Hi My name is Brittney Dennis and i would like to start by saying how grateful i am that your informing people on how to make everything more eco friendly. i liked this video because it shows just how bad we really are harming the environment and how were not doing everything that we can possibly do to help the environment.

Unknown said...

You are doin some good trash collectin. Hopefully you will open peoples eyes to how much we are affecting the envionment
Love tyler norvell

April Damo said...

Hi Mr. Dave,

I'm April Damo, a white oak sophomore and also a member of Mr. Dillman's AP Environmental class. I would just like to thank you for doing such a good job on informing people about the severe impacts of trash on our environment and also, for acting upon it yourself. Although people know some of the consenquences of ignoring environmental issues, only few actually take actions in attempt to lessen or prevent the negative effects. I truly admire your dedication and hope that more people would find this an eye opener and take the extra step that you took in order to save the lives of the future generations.

jradp said...

Aloha, Dave! My name is Jared Perez and I am a senior at White Oak High School and I would just like to thank you for all the information you provide us with and the ideals that have truly influenced not only our class but me personally as well. I'm glad to see you are accessable!

Anonymous said...

thanku for this blog. it's amazingly informative. it's really making me think.

Manhattan Air Specialists said...

Great thought.This is easy to understand with the wonderful video that you have uploaded...funny and informative stuff.That there could be treasure from Toxins!!!whew.

Unknown said...

this blog post is very informative. I also like that plastic bag counter you have on the upper right hand side of the page. Very intriguing.

Unknown said...

Your blog is wonderful and I think what you're doing is awesome. What a great idea to document your waste for a year! I loved the movie Crude, wish more people would watch it and ride their bikes! I'm going to borrow this clip and share it on my blog as well. Thanks. :)

Unknown said...

hi my name is Biz and im from white oak high school. i think this is a great video and more people need to see it. i have huge interests in small villages and i think theyre so cool but to see this happen to them because they arent known by the world is so sad.

Dave said...

Right on Biz, thanks. Have your teacher contact me through the site. I speak at schools and mayeb i can come out and talk to your class.

Anonymous said...

My name is Katie thank you for not only making me aware but others aware of how harmful we are to our enviornment. This video should be shown to people all over to help make them more aware of the effects fossil fuels have on our enviornment. I believe so many people are blind to this because it is not happening here in America but it is getting shipped off to some other country for them to deal with our mess. This not fair to them. We need to make more of an attempt to find more eco friendly fuels. That will the the first stepn in recovering the horrible mess we are in.

Unknown said...

Katie, you're right that scientists should be spending more time coming up with alternatives to fossil fuels. The sad thing is that there are already plenty of alternatives in existence, but people aren't given the option to use them because oil is in control of this economy. We have the ability to fuel cars with used veggie oil, algae, hydrogen, and various other things. The ability exists, but the option to use them is real hard to make possible. Besides the fuel we use in our cars, there is so much we can do to decrease our demand of oil.
Bike or walk
Use public transit
Don't buy things you don't need
Buy used whenever possible
Buy local
Shop at your farmers market
Grow food
Reusable bags (use them for produce too)

Petroleum hides in almost everything we do and use from the clothes we wear to the food we eat. Living a simple, sustainable, local life is the best thing anyone can do.