Thursday, September 18, 2008

Enough With the Plastic Water Bottles Already

I just started a series on plastic water bottles over at Care2 and thought I'd post it up.



In Wonderland said...

do you try to repurpose your repurposed items in a big way? i mean, it would be a neat idea to post some ways in which we can all reuse things. for example, if you save up enough bottles you can use them in part to make walls, and you can even make painted vases or learn how to etch glass, i have a cousin thats 15 years old and she makes flowers out of paper. you could make giant paper mache objects even! this is getting long sorry...

lossueñosvuelan said...

Me parece fantastico lo que haces, ojala muchisima gente te siguiera!.

Yo no puedo hacerlo por que vivo en un piso pequeño y mi madre me mataria. no obstante reciclamos todo lo que podemos.


José Manuel said...

Hello Dave, I have seen your web site through El Pais newspaper in Spain. Congratulations for your work.
José Manuel Abad

Anonymous said...

I just found out about your blog (from Time online). This is awesome!

Dave said...

Hey IN,
Absolutely I do, although the craft side of me is shockingly lacking. We will be launching a new site in January that will blow this one away and part of it will be dedicated to how to make things out of other things you don't need!

Stay tuned!


Dave said...

Mi espanol son muy malo pero gracias por tu palabras.


search engine placement said...

Dave, I think what you are doing is awesome. It definitely shows how much garbage we really create as humans. I think that you should get a Noble Peace Prize.

tracy said...

hi dave
i was wondering if u know where i can recycle the dessicant that comes w computer equipment. tx tracy

Dave said...

Hey Tracy,
From what i understand this stuff can't be disposed of but needs to go to e-waste to be dealt with safely. That said, most desicant can be "recharged" in an oven and re-used so maybe and electronics company would be interested in them. Just a guess.