Thursday, January 3, 2008

365 Days of Trash Yahoo Group

So many people have been commenting and emailing me with great ideas and thoughts that I put together a yahoo group for the blog. Basically, you sign up and you can send an email on any pertinent topic to the group. Topics can include plastic, waste, packaging, sustainable living practices, really anything that you think is worthwhile in the fight to minimize waste. The great thing is you "post" simply by sending an email to the site. Then you can choose to receive emails as they come in, a daily digest, a weekly digest, or just check them out on the internet. It's a great way to communicate and while I want everyone to keep on checking in here and commenting with all the great ideas you have to offer, I figured this might be the way to increase the conversation.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey I listened to your interview a month ago on KROQ and then again today. I wanted to give you some props. After your interview last month I began to talk to my roommate about this and we had a long conversation about what we should be doing to help out the environment. We have tried to reduce our take-out meals since it has a lot of packaging . Now when we go shopping we take re-usable bags and instead of throwing away containers of various food products we re-use them to store other items.

Good luck on your journey and I hope to check your site frequently to see your updates, as well as listen to them on KROQ.