Thursday, January 3, 2008

Day 3 : Haircuts and cheating

I went to get my haircut today and my dad, who is visiting and seems to find this whole thing quite interesting if not a bit odd, looked at me with a little smile and said "What are you going to do with your hair?" which I honestly hadn't thought about. So I explained my "situation" to Billy my coiffure connoisseur (who gives great $10 haircuts by the way) and he was so into it that he actually spent about ten extra minutes making sure none of my hair hit the floor. I brought it home in a bag, and spread it out on the lawn to help with birdies nests or biodegrade, whichever comes first.

Over the past two days I have found myself wanting to "cheat" several times, especially when it comes to food...well, junk food really....ok candy bars, just stop brow beating me will ya!

Anyhoo, the funny thing is that as I eye something, I weigh the "costs" of eating it (do I really want that in the basement for a year) and then I think "well maybe just one thrown out won't be such a bad thing" and then I realize that I'm the guy watching me and I'd be cheating on myself. So I sulk away and wonder why my wife keeps looking at me that way.

I fear it may be a long year.



Anonymous said...

I have a great use for hair! Send it to an organization that makes mats for cleaning up oil spills. Not kidding! Here's a link:


Anonymous said...

"I fear it may be a long year."

Stick with it Dave! You have already inspired a great number of people; we're changing our ways because of you, and we're watching you too :-)

Unknown said...

I took my hair home last year when I got it cut. I donated the first foot to Locks of Love, but all the trimmings went in my veggie garden -- hair is almost as good as bone meal in a garden.

Dave said...

My daughter did Locks of Love about a year ago. Very cool. As for me, they wouldn't be able to do much with mine.
So can you have too much hair in a garden?