Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Old Hair Bugging You?

Why not collect it up and send it off to Matter of Trust so they can use it to make mats that help naturally clean up oil spills.

Yep, you read that right, your hair can clean up oil spills. Beth at Fake Plastic Fish left this in the comments section and i thought it was worth posting about. Now I know in the grand scheme of things, cut hair is not one of the larger problems out there. On the other hand, if this stuff is a free and abundant resource, and it can be used to do something as good as cleaning up toxic oil spills, why not jump on board? It seems like they are interested in hooking up more with salons than with single individuals which makes sense, and sign up is free, but for $10 they will send them some posters etc to announce what they are doing. Why not pass this info along to your local haircutter and let them know that this is an option? I know if I was cutting hair for a living this would be a no brainer.

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um_de_dum said...

I wish I had known about this when I worked at a Vet's office. Everyday we swept up gobs of hair and I always thought there must be some practical use for it! I will be sure to share this with folks!